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Incompatibility of food

Incompatibility of food is only described in ayurveda. Basically most disease are formed by eating virudh ahar or we can say incompatible food.

Ayurveda clearly defines that certain food and diet and its combination which interrupts the normal metabolism in the formation of disease because of opposite properties of food combination.

The most common incompatible food is salt and milk food products.

The only food that is compatible with milk is ripe mango.

There are different kinds of incompatibility which is described in ayurveda , below are the list of factors described by ayurveda for incompatibility :

Desh virudha – A food pattern which is meant for cold countries or habitat is used during summer

Kala virudha – A food pattern which is spicy in summer and cold during winter

Agni Virudha – eating without hunger

Matra virudha – Honey and cows ghee should not be taken in equal amounts

Satmya virudha – Eating food items which are not compatible for your digestive system

dosha virudha – Eating food against the increased dosha or decreased dosha

Sanskra virudha – heating honey is never recommended

Veerya virudha – eating food of opposite potency for e.g fish and milk

Kostha virudha –eating heavy food when your stomach does not have the ability to digest it .

Avastha virudha

Karma virudha (sequence ) – drinking hot water eating honey, consuming curd at night

Parihar virudha – consuming cold water after hot beverages

Paak virudha – salt and sweet mixed together

Samyog virudha – fruit salad or milk with banana

Hridya virudha – eating disliked food

Samapad virudha

Vidhi virudha – eating against the rules described in ayurveda , for e.g. eating desserts after meal is not recommended in ayurveda.

Charakha has mentioned that one who exercises is young, has good agni, can take virudha food.