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Hair care

Long, healthy hair is beauty. Hairs are deeply connected with definition of beauty. No one can imagine beautiful face without hair.

Ayurveda has given many guidelines to improve the health of hairs.

For natural growth of hairs the dietary supplement like praval is used. The products prepared in butter will be helpful to grow the hair. There are oils prepared with brigaraj and amala will help the hair to maintain natural color luster of hair.

Hair fall can be result of various conditions like dandruff, different kind of skin disease of scalp like dermatitis and psoriasis or eczemas. All these type of conditions are managed with ayurvedic oils and products.

Hair wash – the decoction prepared with triphala are best natural shampoo. Regular washing of hair with the decoction of triphala stops falling of hair. Leaves and flowers of hibiscus are very useful in maintaining the hair. Paste prepared with leaves and flower has been used to wash the hair.

Masks for hair – Henna mask is also used traditional to maintain color of hairs.

We can used many different products to improve hair health from ayurveda.

No. Name of product In general usage
1 Thriphaladi Churnam Used for hair wash
2 Traiphala Ghritam Used to stop hair falling
3 Mahatiktam Kwatham (Tablet) Used in treatment of premature graying of hairs
4 Narasimha Rasayanam Promotes the hair growth, for long and stronger hairs
5 Ayyappalakera Tailam Helps to reduces dandruff and other skin problem of scalp
6 Dhurdhurapatradi Kera Tailam Best oil for reducing itching of scalp and dandruff
7 Kayyanyadi Kera Tailam Oil to stop premature graying of hairs
8 Kayyanyadi Tailam Oil to stop premature graying of hairs
9 Kuntalakanti Tailam Oil to restore shiny color of hairs
10 Malathyadi Tailam Stops hair fall due to microbial infection like alopecia
11 Malatyadi Kera Tailam Used to recover alopecia
12 Nilibringadi Kera Tailam Used to stop hair fall
13 Nilibringadi Tailam Used to stop hair fall
14 Valiya Bhringamalakadi Tailam Helps to grow hair again