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Cooking methods

Cooked food has great importance in ayurveda. the food cooked with proper methods help to get digested more easily and hence produces more energy and strength for living. there are different cooking methods used for cooking food. According to the influence of cooked food over body we can select the method for each prakruti.

# Method of cooking
1. Dry heat Methods

food being cooked does not use water to cook the food

Always good for all kind breads before using them. Good practice for vata, pitta and kapha type of personalities. One must have to use fats while using dry heat type of cooking method. Breakfast are prepared using dry heat are good.
2. Baking

food is cooked using convection heating

Food prepared with baking method is always good for kapha type. For pitta and vata they must have to add fat in combination of baked food.
3. Steaming

The hot steam rising from the boiling water acts on the food and the food gets cooked

Food prepared with steaming is always good for vata and pitta type, in summer you can prepare food mostly with steaming method of cooking. Lunch preparation are always with this kind of cooking method.
4. Grilling

food is cooked over hot charcoal on an open fire

Kpaha and pitta people can use this type of cooking more often for preparing the food.
5. Roasting

direct heat is applied to the food. The heat seals the outside part of the food and the juice inside the food cooks the food

Pitta and kapha people can use this type of food cooking method more. This best method for autumn season. Pitta type of people can use this method more frequently to cook their food.
6. Boiling

The action of the heated water makes the food to get cooked

Good for vata type of personalities to prepare lunch. Summer is best time to cook the food with this method
7. Stewing

food is cooked using a lot of liquid

Good for vata type personalities to cook the food with stewing. Especially summer is best time to use this cooking
8. Shallow Frying

The oil or fat is heated to the correct amount and the food is put into the heated oil

Always good for vata and pitta personalities to prepare food with this type of cooking method
9. Deep Frying

Food is then put into the hot boiling oil and is cooked

Good only for vata personalities and should be used for dinner.
10. Barbequing

The food is usually marinated with spices and tenderizers (for meat cuts) for some time before it is cooked

Always good for all type of personalities. Dinner should be prepared more with this type of cooking.
11. Basting

cooking is usually associated with roasting

Always good for all kind of personalities. Dinner should be prepared with type of cooking method and also in winter and spring season basting is best cooking method.
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