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Facial care

Facial care can be done with two methods:

  1. face mask
  2. face massage oils

Face mask

Beauty of face is compare with moon. Face should be shining with bright like a moon. Ayurveda described group of herbs that know as “varnya” only for improving the facial skin. These herbs establish original color and complexion of an individual. They promote color and complexion of facial skin. Herbs commonly known as correcting facial skin completion are sandal wood, turmeric, ushera, manjitha, sariva, saffron etc. the powder form of these herbs are used to prepare face mask that helps to prevent acne, dry skin or too oily skin, dark spots, pigmentations, dull skin, dark circles around eyes, different kind of eczemas are common skin conditions that affects facial skin.

Face mask are prepared in simple water or rose water. Sometimes the face mask can also be prepared in milk or milk fat. Fresh paste of herbs is also used as face mask like rejuvenation of facial skin.

Face massage oils

Different kinds of oils or creams are used for face massage. Sometime powder is also used to massage the face for cleaning purpose. This is kind of scrubbing or peeling action that cleans the face. Massage with powder will also help to improve blood circulation and also to cleans the face

No. Name of product In general usage
1 Eladi Churnam (mask) Mask prepared in butter milk or rose water or coconut oil used for facial mask of eladi churnam. Mostly used in pigmentation related issues eladi churnam is used.
2 Kunkumadi Tailam For massage facial massage this oil is used to improve the complexion of skin
3 Nalpamaradi Kera Tailam For massage facial massage this oil is used.
4 Vranaropana Tailam To heal the scars of face
5 Kolkulathadi Churnam Used as scrubber
6 Satadutha Ghritham For application like cream in many dermatological condition like sun burn