Purvakarma and panchakarma treatment of purification and detox

Purvakarma and panchakarma treatment of purification and detox

Тайладара терапия

A sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle causes our body to store toxic secretions – “Ama”. This forms a sticky substance and is difficult to be excreted from the body.

We can release these toxins from our body through the Ayurvedic treatment systems of Purvakarma and Panchakarma.

PURVAKARMA is a combination of external procedures, which stimulate the zones where toxins and waste products accumulate and beautify the body. These procedures help the body prepare for internal purification therapies.

Part of Purvakarma procedures are:

  • herbal sauna;
  • herbal powder and oil massages;
  • pouring of medicated oils over specific pressure points and body parts;
  • thermal procedures.

The most important activities in Purvakarma are Oleation therapy and heating. During the first few days of treatment, Purvakarma therapies are recommended and after that they are combined with Panchakarma procedures for internal and external purification.

PANCHAKARMA is a healing therapy for internal purification of the body. It is used to rid the body off toxins, free radicals and heavy metals through a combination of therapies (purgative and laxative therapies).

Pancha means “five” and karma means “activity” or “process”

The five principles of Panchakarma are: vomiting, ingestion of laxatives, enemas, ingestion of healing oils through the nose and blood cleanse. Every method is prescribed for particular problems.

Each one of the methods is recommended in the case of specific problems:

  • Medical emesis: It is done using medicated oils and herbs. It removes `Kapha` toxins from the body and the respiratory tract. It is prescribed for people with a strong imbalance of the `Kapha dosha`. The daily therapy mobilizes the toxins and remove them. It is recommended in cases of: bronchial asthma, chronic allergies, hay fever, veal-skin, psoriasis, increased stomach acidity, chronic blocked nose, flow, obesity, psychological problems and dermatological problems.
  • Purgative treatment: laxation is provoked with the help of medicinal herbs. The procedure removes the so called “Pitta” toxins out of the body which are gathered in the liver and bladder. It purifies the digestive tract up to the small intestines. It’s recommended in all cases of: diabetes, chronic fever, asthma, dermatological problems /such as herpes, paraplegia, hemiplegia/, digestive problems, constipation, joint problems, increased stomach acidity, psoriasis, headaches, vitiligo, elephantiasis and gynecological problems.
  • Еnema treatment: it is considered to be the basis of the Panchakarma treatment. It purges the body of the accumulated toxins from the large intestine in all three `doshas` (body types). Medicated oil or Ghee along with honey and herbal decoction are used in this treatment. It is a regenerative treatment and also increases muscle tone. For colon purification, either medicated oil or herbal decoction is prescribed. This treatment takes place over several days, according to the health of the patient.

It is recommended in cases of: hemiplegia, paraplegia, colitis, cervical spondylosis, irritated intestine syndrome, constipation, digestive problems, sciatica, hepatomegalia, and splenomegaly, obesity, hemorrhoids, sexual disorders and sterility.

Introduction of medicines through the nasal mucosa: this is done by administering medicated oil through the nose. It purges the body of the gathered `Kapha` toxins from the head and neck. Depending on the patient`s health, this method could be recommended for up to 30 days.

It is recommended in cases of: breathing disorders, memory and vision disorders, disorders of Nervus trigeminus , Bell’s paralysis, insomnia, elimination of redundant mucus, increased face pigmentation, premature white hair syndrome, voice improvement, headache of various origins, hemiplegia, sense and smell loss, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), migraine, neck stiffness, nasal allergies, nasal polyps, neurological dysorders and sinus problems.

  • Blood purification: it is recommended only in rare cases. It is done during the basic Panchakarma treatments but only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner.


  • It helps the healthy patients maintain their health and it helps the ill patients achieve good health.
  • These Ayurvedic procedures and treatments result in the balance and normal, active functioning of the body.
  • 50% of the heavy metals and waste products are purged from our body.
  • The body is rejuvenated and it starts to function in the natural rhythm as it should.
  • `Prana` stream of energy is improved, as this leads to spiritual and emotional comfort.
The application of separate `Purvakarma` or `Panchakarma` methods can be dangerous and it can worsen the health of the patient.

In Ayurveda Clinic Bansko these methods are fulfilled in a series, in a definite order and under an Ayurvedic doctor and practitioner`s supervision and control.

The Ayurvedic methods of Purvakarma and Panchakarma are new revelations to the western medical field. However, their proven results have placed Purvakarma and Panchakarma among the most successful practices of medical treatments.

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