How can I enroll in the program Ayurveda Clinic Bansko?

There are several ways to enroll in the program: to send an email to info@ayurvedabansko.bg, filling and sending reservation form to: https://www.ayurvedabansko.com/reservation/, phone call : +359 2 806 61 78; +359 879 111 222.

When the program is being held?

From March to November with an interruption in August. Тhe exact periods and prices are described in the site https://www.ayurvedabansko.com/program-and-prices-of-ayurveda-healing-therapy/

How many days in advance I need to make the reservation?

We recommend you to make your reservation at least 2-3 months before the beginning of the program, because the places are taken very quickly.

After the places for one shift are filled, the enrollments for those dates will stop. You can check the available periods in the link: https://www.ayurvedabansko.com/program-and-prices-of-ayurveda-healing-therapy/ The filled periods will be deleted.

What should I do to prepare for the program?

It is enough to write us. We will send you complete information about how the treatment is carried out and what you should know in advance to proceed the whole process properly. After your coming and admission to the clinic, Dr. Pawar makes daily medical exams and decides how the treatment or detoxification process should continue.

One week before the program it is recommended to be on a diet that will exclude meat and dairy products, in order to ensure easy bowel cleaning.

The good cleaned bowels guarantee the assimilation of the active ingredients of the food and herbal medicines by the digestive system during the Panchakarma purification

Start drinking hot water (40 degrees Celsius) in the morning before you brush your teeth, at least 7 days before the program starts. Don’t drink cold water. 600 gr is enough quantity.

Can I make consultation without staying for a treatment ?

Yes, Dr. Pawar makes consultations. For that purpose it is necessary to book an appointment according to the ways listed in the Point 1.

Do I need to make some medical examinations in advance? Could this happen with you?

We don’t have laboratory in the clinic so we recommend to every patient to bring any medical examinations done before, as well as medical epicrises.

We recommend 1 month before the starting date of the course the epicrises to be send by email, in order to make a preliminary consultation with Dr. Pawar. In some cases, it is necessary to import special herbal medicines from India before that, to help the treatment.

Can I buy herbs and Ayurveda medicines from you?

Yes, once you’ve been examined by Dr. Pawar and he has prescribed herbal medicines, it is enough to write us an email and we will send them to you to an address specified by you with COD (Cash on Delivery).

Can I be accompanied by my relative during my stay in the clinic

Yes, in that case your companion will be accommodated at a preferential price. Please, send us an email to: info@ayurvedabansko.bg for more info.

If I want treatment how many days stay I need to plan?

If you have any illness we recommend minimum 2 weeks stay.

If your illness is chronic or at more severe stage, we recommend at least 3 weeks stay.

If I am healthy, but I want detoxifying course prophylactically, how many days I need to plan?

For healthy patients 10 days stay is enough for detoxification of the body.

Can I do the program in case I don’t have any illnesses or complaints at the moment?

The prophylactic is very important for our health, and the detoxification of the body is absolutely necessary, in order to be healthy.

I have specific illness and I want to know whether your treatment will help me?

Ayurveda treats many and different illnesses very effectively.

In more severe cases the duration of the treatment is longer, for example the treatment of multiple sclerosis continues from 3 till 5 years.

The Ayurvedic treatment is efficient, because it applies comprehensive approach to the body not only concentration over specific illness.

How does the program procedes?

Please, have a look over the sample program, inserted in the website: https://www.ayurvedabansko.com/dayly-program-of-ayurveda-and-panchakarma/

What is the meal during the course?

The meal is ayurvedic, mainly vegetarian. There is daily consumption of water with spices.

After the completion of the treatment course can I eat as usual?

During the program it is necessary to consume only the specific ayurvedic food.

After the completion of the program it is desirable to follow Dr. Pawar’s guidance and to follow the principles of balanced and healthy eating in order to keep the achieved healing effect.

Are there any specific requirements during the conduct of the program?

The participants must refrain from sex as well as any thought or action which can arouse sexual desire.

During the menstrual period (from the beginning till the end), all procedures and treatments in Panchakarma should be avoided. The menstrual period is a period for separately balancing of the female energy and Panchakarma procedures can create conflict in this process.

Please, plan the beginning of Panchakarma program at least 3 days after the end of your menstrual period.

Avoid hard exercises at least 48 min before and after the therapies. During the Panchakarma treatment the participants are forbidden highly booting exercises in all forms, because the body is in a process of change and reconstruction. During that time, you will feel exhaustion, it will be hard to endure even the little effort – physical or mental. The heavy exercises can worsen your condition. In the program are included yoga activities, which will reinforce the effect of Panchakarma therapies.

During Panchakarma therapies don’t use the swimming pool in the Spa center. The use of sauna or steam bath can be done only after consultation with the Indian doctor.

Will I be able to smoke or drink coffee of alcohol during the treatment?

The smoking should be stopped or highly limited.

You can drink coffee or black tea only once daily, but not both together.

It is not allowed to drink alcohol.

What other procedures I can use during my stay in the clinic?

During the Ayurvedic treatment you can do only the following therapies and cosmetic procedures:

  • Tai massage;
  • Yumeiho therapy;
  • Valentine therapy, but without oil
  • Cosmetic therapies for face
  • Intraceuticals

My GP is against such kind of treatment. What should I do?

The Ayurveda treatment dates from more than 5 000 years ago. Dr. Pawar is a very experienced doctor. He graduated from Bourati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurveda in Pune in 2001.Then he specializes MD Ayurveda (Masters in DravyaGuna (Ayurveda pharmacology)) in Ayurvedic Pharmacology in 2006 at the Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurveda, Pune. The therapists are also qualified Ayurveda therapists, experts in applying the specific therapies, with a practical experience more than 10 years and with a teaching practice in the area of Ayurveda treatment.

Read more about our team here: https://www.ayurvedabansko.com/team-of-ayurveda-bansko/

What is the language for communication with Dr. Pawar?

Dr. Pawar speaks English. During the examinations with him there will be an experienced English translator. He is going to translate to you and you can keep the communication after the medical team goes back to India.

Can I buy the herbal medicines in a pharmacy or other place?

The medicines and oils are original, Indian, and are imported especially for the clinic. You can buy them only from us.