Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

DAILY SCHEDULE - Ayurveda Clinic

Time Activity
07:15 – 07:55 Morning Yoga session
07:55 – 09:00 Breakfast according to the individual dosha
09:00 – 13:00 Ayurvedic therapies or Pachakarma/Purvakarma procedures
13:00 – 13:30 Lunch according to the individual dosha
13:30 – 14:30 Rest
14:30 – 17:30 Ayurvedic therapies or Pachakarma/Purvakarma procedures
17:30 – 18:00 Evening consultation with Ayurvedic doctor for group 2
18:00 – 18:55 Lecture: Ayurveda – Basic Principles and the Path to Longevity (3 times per week)
19:00 – 19:30 Dinner according to the individual dosha
19:30 – 20:30 Evening Ayurveda procedures as prescribed by the doctor
20:45 – 21:35 Evening yoga session (breathing practices and meditation)
Note Three times a week – on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, a lecture will be held on the topic:
“What is Ayurveda – basic principles and the path to longevity.
  • The program is held under control of the Ayurvedic doctor, who can makechanges in your daily schedule with an aim of better effect of the therapy.
  • The number of the procedures are also determined by our doctor. It can not be elected procedures by choice.
  • It is allowed individual walk up to 30 minutes per day – only if the outside temperature is higher.Walking is by choice of the participants, so that they can meet their needs for an activemovement. For Panchakarma therapy is not necessary to use walking as part of the program. The energy that you will get from the therapies should not be reduced by active exercises.
  • Schedule may change according to the current period and the individual schedules of the participants, according to the prescription of the Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Every participant will receive regular information about their daily schedule
  • The Yoga sessions are held morning and evening from Monday to Friday


D-r Balaji Pavar: +359 877 074 256.
Asen Teofilov, manager of Ayurveda Clinic Bansko: +359 877 078 269.
Reception: external dialing – +359 887 910 971; internal number from each hotel room – 9

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