Ayurvedic Recipes » Rice


It contributes the madhur ras in the body. It can be made in liquid form and soft as well.

It is a nourishing food for health.

It builds body tissue and high on prana or vital life emergency as it is a pure or satvik food.

Below are some examples of Rice forms :

Moong Dal Rice – Boil Rice, moong dal, ghee, salt, cumin seeds, and other spices

Coconut Rice – Boil Rice, Coconut milk

Jeera Rice – Boil Rice, cumin seeds, ghee, curry leaves

Tomato Rice – Boil Rice, tomato, oil, spices

Vegetable Rice(Fried ) – Boil rice, mixed vegetables, ghee, spices

Lemon Rice – Boil rice, lemon juice, salt

Curd Rice – Add curd, cumin seed, ghee, curry leaves to boiled rice

Ghee Rice – Add ghee to Boiled rice, add dry fruits