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Dairy Products

Indian classical texts describes 8 types of milk :

Cow, Buffalos, Goat, Camel, Sheep, Elephant, Donkey, Human. Out of them mostly used milk are Cow, buffalo, Goat, Human. Other milk are used as per area e.g. camel’s milk in desert area.

Milk is considered to be sampurn aahar and it is satmya (easily accepted by the body) and it increases ojhas and immunity. It balances vatha and pitha and it can be taken with herbs.

Cows milk is the most stavik and an aphrodisiac.

Goats milk is lighter and can be used instead of mother’s milk.

Water Buffalo’s milk is best for insomnia but is too heavy to digest.

Milk can be used as a laxative. Raw milk is hard to digest, one can add herbs like dry ginger and turmeric for easier digestion and absorption of milk.