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The concept appetizer is to improve the power of digestion. The most popular ayurvedic appetizer for lunch is rock salt and piece of ginger( ABOUT 2 GRAM) and lemon.

Ayurveda asked to take sip of water before starting a meal. After that ask to chew ginger dipped in lemon juice and rock salt.

This act of taking small portion of a food or drink before or at the beginning of the meal to stimulate the desire for more food .

There are other traditional recipes are there for increasing appetite.

It is served before the main course like Rasam, Soup, Dal with spices, sprouts in hot soup, baked fennel seeds, Hot lemonade with ginger and lemon.

Below are some examples of Appetizer :

Fresh Vegetable soup – This is made of lime, spices, vegetables and coriander.

Rasam – This is an Indian appetizer made from tomatoes boiled with spices such as mustard , red chilli , cumin seeds, coriander etc especially in spring.

Sprouted Moong Dal – This is boiled and served with spices sprinkled over it. It is a useful appetizer in all disease.

Veg clear Soup – It is made from stalk of boiled vegetables with spices and is healthy for an upset stomach.

Mango papad – it is made of mango pulp mixed with sugar and sun dried especially in summer.

Anarasa – It is made from jaggery rice, poppy seed and ghee especially for summer.

Banana Chips – It is made by slicing the banana, adding turmeric, salt, and frying in oil.

Below are some of the herbs which can be used in different combinations as an appetizer to increase the appetite :

Coriander, dry ginger powder, asafoetida, black pepper, cinnamon, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, garlic, kokam, mint, cumin seeds, holy basil, saffron, tamarind, carom (Ajwin) and dry chilli.