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General body care

To maintain the healthy status of body and mind is always better than get treated for diseases of body and mind. To maintain healthy status of body, ayurveda offers different kind of tonic and also procedure like Abhyangam.

chyavanparasham is used as best tonic to maintain health. the tablets like Manasmitravatakam is also used to maintain the mind.

Abhyangam – Abhyangam or general body massage is one of procedure from panchakarama used for general body care. Different types of oils are used for massage. Sesame oils, coconut oil, mustard oil are used for body massage.

No. Name of product In general usage
1 Dasamularishtam For general debility and weakness of body
2 Rajatha Bhasmam Capsule Rejuvenation of body tissues
3 Ajaswagandhadi Leham Improves strength of muscles and stamina
4 Brahma Rasayanam Improves memory
5 Chyavanaprasam Improves general health and vitality
6 Trivril Leham Used as laxative to detoxify body on regular basis
7 Balaswagandhadi Tailam For body massage to reduce stress from body and mind
8 Brahmee Tailam For claiming mind and problem like insomnia
9 Himasagara Tailam Induces sleep
10 Jathyadi Kera Tailam For heals wounds of any type
11 Karpuradi Tailam For reducing pain and inflammation
12 Thriphaladi Tailam For comfort ness of eyes
13 Valiya Chandanadi Tailam Helps for good sleep
14 Brahmi Caps Good for memory and sleep
15 Krimisodhini Kills parasites
16 Manasamithra Vatakam Good for mental health
17 Virechana Gulika Purgative for routine use
18 Nalpamaradi Soap Medicated soap for cleaning body.