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Dietary supplement

Dietary supplements are of two types. First that improves the body functions. And other type of supplements are mainly fulfilling deficit nutrient from diet most commonly known as rasayana in ayurveda.

  1. Dietary supplements for correcting digestive disorders- digestion and metabolism are two key areas of normal body function. To restore the function of digestion many different kind spices are used to improve function of digestion. In general weakness in digestion are commonly seen with following symptoms like abdominal pain, acidity, vomiting, gastroesophagel reflux disease, colitis, constipation, diarrhea,Irritable bowel syndrome, Rapid Gastric Emptying, Ulcerative colitis, Peptic ulcer, Proctitis, Pancreatitis,Lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, Gastritis, Duodenal ulcer, Hemorrhoids.

Different kind spices are used to cure or heal the condition that includes cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, bay leaf, turmeric etc.

There are some special formulations that are used for improving the digestion.

No. Name of product In general usage
1 Abhayarishtam improves bowel movement used in constipation
2 Pippalyasavam useful in indigestion
3 Sankha Bhasmam Capsule used to reduce acidity
4 Avipathi Churnam laxative
5 Brihatvaiswanara Churnam appetizer
6 Dipyakadi Churnam improves digestion
7 Hinguvachadi Churnam laxative action
8 Indukanta Ghritam used in irritable bowel condtions
9 Balapunarnavadi Kashayam reduces inflammation
10 Chiruvilvadi Kashayam helpful for piles
11 Lasunairandadi Kashayam used in constipation
12 Indukantam Kwatham (Tablet) improves intestinal function
13 Dasamulaharitaki Leham laxative and detoxification
14 Vanasuranadi Leham hemorrhoids
15 Vilwadi Leham acidity and acid peptic disease
16 Himguadi Gulika flatulence
  1. Dietary supplements for improving heart functions. Disease like Coronary artery (atherosclerotic) heart disease, Valvular heart disease that Cardiomyopathy, Heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) and palpitations, high blood pressure need special care of heart and herbs like aswagandha, arjuna can be useful to protect heart.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Parthadyarishtam improve cardiac function
2 Gandharvahastadi Kashayam reduces blood pressure
3 Vidaryadi Kwatham (Tablet) Cardiomyopathy,
4 Dasamula Rasayanam reduces blood pressure
5 Hridayarnavarasam Gulika improves heart blood circulation
6 Sarpagandhadi Gulika reduces blood pressure
  1. Dietary supplements for improving lung function- smoking causes different kind of weakness for lungs, polluted air is another culprit to disturb normal functioning of lungs. To improve lung functions many kinds of breathing activities like pranayama are good. Herb like black pepper and basil are also good to improve functional quality of life. The conditions like,Asthma,Lung Cancer, Chronicobstructivepulmonarydisease (COPD)chronicandacutebronchitis,cough,Emphysema,changesinvoice, harshbreathingsounds, coughing upblood,frequentlunginfections,allergicreaction frompollen, dust, food, insectstings, animaldander, mold, medicationsandlatexetc are well prevented with use of deity supplements from ayurveda especially used for increasing strength of lungs.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Kanakasavam expectorant in cough
2 Vasakadyarishtam expectorant in cough
3 Talisapatradi Churnam reduces cold and cough
4 Valiya Karpuradi Churnam liquefy cough
5 Kantakari Ghritam allergic bronchitis
6 Vyaghryadi Kashayam allergic cough
7 Balajirakadi Kwatham (Tablet) asthma
8 Dasamulakatutrayadi Kwatham (Tablet) common cold and cough
9 Agasthya Rasayanam asthma
10 Svasahara Leham asthma
11 Anu Tailam for application in sinusitis
12 Asanailadi kera Tailam for application in cough
13 Asanailadi Tailam for application in cough
  1. Dietary supplements for improving pancreatic function- pancreas are one of important organ in digestion and in body metabolism. To improve pancreas fenugreek seeds or leaves are important. conditions of pancreas like chronic pancreatitis are can find relief with herbal preparation like Rohitakarishtam.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Ayaskrithi helps to improve pancreatic function
2 Yogaraja churnam improves metabolism
  1. Dietary supplements for improving lymphatic function of body-black pepper and clove are two main spices that helps greatly in proper function of lymphatic system. In ayurvedic preparation dashamoola has been found very helpful to cover all kind of disease that affects lymphatic system like Hodgkin disease, lymphadenitis
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Dantyarishtam reduces water retention
2 Amritotharam Kashayam anti inflammatory for lymph
3 Dasamulam Kashayam anti inflammatory for lymph
4 Indukantam Kwatham (Tablet) anti inflammatory for lymph
5 Sitajvarari Kwatham (Tablet) anti inflammatory for lymph
6 Gorochanadi Gulika to control fever
  1. Dietary supplements for improve liver function- importance of liver in digestion and body metabolism is highly important. Guild lines about taking food and water helps to maintain liver function. Liver is the main organ that keeps body toxins free. To improve liver function food like resins and dry fruits like dates are very important that can be used to improve liver function. Using hot water and right use of alcohol will help to improve the liver function. Conditions like fatty liver, hepatitis, gall stones, liver failure, alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer, liver cirrhosis can received good help with ayurvedic supplements,
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Kumaryasavam improves liver function
2 Lohasavam corrects iron deficiency in liver disease
3 Lohasinduram (101) iron supplement
4 Dasamulapanchakoladi Kashayam improves liver function
5 Drakshadi Kwatham (Tablet) helps to reduce inflammation of liver and gall bladder
  1. Dietary supplementsfor to improve musclestrength- muscle gives strength to body. To increase the strength different kind of meat products are used in diet. Meat from goat and bird is consider best according to Ayurveda for regular consumption. Other form of meat are mostly used according to seasonal needs and should not be used on daily basis e.g pork, beef are not consider good as routine diet. There are some supplements like aswagandha and shatavari, vidharietcare used especially to covermuscle loss of body. The conditions like fibromyalgia, disorders of musculoskeletal system, muscular dystrophy, lumbago, sprains, cramps, all kind of tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and strains, myopathy, ventricular and atrial fibrillation, polychondrititis etc can be well supported with ayurvedic dietary supplements given below
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Aswagandha Churnam gives strength to body tissues
2 Sahacharabaladi Kashayam anti-inflammatory for lumbar region
3 Ashtavargam Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for cervical region
4 Balaguluchyadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for soft tissues
5 Guluchyadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for joints
6 Kottamchukkadi Churnam anti-inflammatory for joints
7 Guggulutiktam Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for nerves
8 Maharasnadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for joints
9 Prasaranyadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for shoulder joints
10 Rasnairandadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory in rheumatoid arthritis
11 Sahacharadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti-inflammatory for lumbar region
12 Balaguluchyadi Kera Tailam application oil in gout
13 Balaguluchyadi Tailam application oil in gout
14 Dhanwantaram Kuzhampu application oil in osteoarthritis
15 Dhanvantaram Tailam application oil in osteoarthritis
16 Kottamchukkadi Tailam application oil in rheumatoid arthritis
17 Kshirabala (101) application oil in osteoarthritis
18 Kshirabala Tailam application oil in osteoarthritis
19 Maharajaprasarani Tailam application oil in frozen shoulder
20 Pinda Tailam application oil in gout
21 Prabhanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu application oil in osteoarthritis
22 Punarnavadi Tailam application oil in rheumatoid arthritis
23 Rasnadasamooladi Tailam application oil in osteoarthritis
24 Valiya Chinchadi Tailam application oil in rheumatoid arthritis
25 Valiya Narayana Tailam application oil in muscular pains
26 Valiya Prasarani Tailam application oil in cervical spondylosis
27 Valiya Sahacharadi Tailam application oil in lumbar spondylosis
28 Vatasani Tailam application oil in calcaneal spur
  1. Dietary supplementsfor improving thyroid functions and also to reduce fats. Obesity and problems with metabolism are very common now a days. Species like coriander are and fenugreek are helping to correct function of thyroid and reduces fats. Herbs like triphala and kanchanar are used more commonly in such disorders. The conditions like Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’s disease, hyperthyrodiusm and hypothyrodisum, throdinitis, thyroid nodules etc. to improve thyroid gland activity deity supplement recommended are
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Punarnavasavam reduces swelling
2 Shaddharna Churnam removes nodes at thyroid gland
3 Punarnavadi Kwatham (Tablet) reduces swelling
4 Varanadi Kwatham (Tablet) anti inflammatory
5 Kalyanagulam to correct constipation in thyroid dysfunction
  1. Dietary supplements for strengthening bones- bone holds body. To give strength to bones Ayurveda uses many special herbal preparations like laksha, guggulu. People with weak bones may suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, defect in vitamin D, perthes’s disease, osteomyelitis, bone fracture type of condtions. To improve the quality of bone ayurvedic deity supplement used are
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Pravala Bhasmam Capsule calcium supplement
2 Gulgulutiktaka Ghritam improves bone strength
3 Gandha Tailam calcium supplement
4 Murivenna helps in a condition of fracture
  1. Dietary supplements for strengthening nerves- brain and nervous system are important for body mechanism, to improve brain functions herbs like Brahmi, Suvarna bhasmam (gold) are used. The person with weakness in nerve can suffer from all kind of neurological disorders, all kind paralysis, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, polyneuropathy , anxiety, nerve compression syndrome, neuromuscular diseases, demyelinating disease can be benefited with ayurvedic supplements given below.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Aswagandharishtam all kind of nerve debility, weakness of body and mind
2 Balarishtam arthritic pains
3 Dadimadi Ghritam neuritis
4 Mahasneham spastic conditions
5 Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam facial paralysis
6 Bala Tailam gives strength to nerves
7 Karpasasthyadi Tailam reduces inflammation
  1. Dietary dietarysupplements for improving sperm quality and quantity. The dairy product especially milk is consider best to have positive effect on sperm production. Regular intake of cow milk helps to restore strength of sperm. Saffron and almonds are also having positive effect on increasing sperm count. There are also herbs like sandal wood that have good for in condition of male infertility. Herbs like Aswagandha and kavachabeeja are used in erectile dysfunction.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Chandanasavam increase sperm count
2 Mritasanjeevani increase sperm motility
3 Usirasavam reduces high acidity in urine
  1. Dietarysupplements for improving female reproductive system and infertility. Herbs like Ashoka, shatavari , kumari are used as dietary supplement. To improve the quality of ovum and for hormonal balance. Problems related with menstruation like abnormal uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome can be corrected with help of ayurvedic supplements. Uterine fibroid, polyps and cancer conditions also gets benefits from ayurvedic dietary supplements. Different types of vaginal discharge like leukorrhea are also treated.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Asokarishtam different kind of vaginal discharges
2 Lodhrasavam in condition of leukorrhea
3 Pushyanuga Churnam stops abnormal bleeding
4 Sukumara Ghritam infertility
5 Kulathadi Kashayam in poly cystic ovaries syndrome
6 Saptasaram Kwatham (Tablet) amenorrhea
7 Sukumaram Kwatham (Tablet) dysmenorrhea condition
8 Satavarigulam regulate bowel movement
9 Mahadhanvantharan gulika (Garbharakshini) protects pregnancy
  1. Dietary supplements for improving lactations and disease of mammary gland. Ayurveda can help to improve the function of mammary gland in condition like lactation failure and different kind of tumor formation at the mammary gland.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Stanyajanana Rasayanam Promotes lactation after delivery
  1. Dietary supplements for improving emotional health- stress and problem affecting mind are well treated with ayurvedic dietary supplements. Dependency on drugs or alcoholism can also be corrected with ayurvedic dietary supplements.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Srikhandasavam Helpful to deaddiction of alcohol and other drugs
2 Saraswatarishtam Helpful in improving memory and brain function
3 Brahmi Ghritam For improving intelligence, dementia
4 Kalyanaka Ghritam Insanity and epilepsy, poor concentration
5 Mahakalyanaka Ghritam Insanity and epilepsy
6 Nirgundyadi Ghritam Hyper active attention deficit disorders of child
7 Sarasvata Ghritam Delayed speech
8 Nirgunyadi Gulika In childhood depression condition
  1. Dietary supplements for improving skin health- for improving skin conditions in many skin disorders, different kind of herbs are used in ayurveda. kadhara, aragwadha are mainly used to have health skin. Many skin disease like psoriasis, fungal infections are well treated with ayurvedic dietary supplement.
No. Name of product In general usage
1 Aragwadharishtam fungal infection and wet eczemas
2 Khadirarishtam Lecucoderma, chronic ulcerative skin disease
3 Mahatiktaka Ghritam Eczema
4 Patoladi Ghritam Lichen planus
5 Tiktaka Ghritam Urticaria
6 Aragvadhadi Kwatham (Tablet) Psoriasis
7 Mahatiktam Kwatham (Tablet) Herpes simplex
8 Patolakaturohinyadi Kwatham (Tablet) Allergic skin diseases
9 Valiya Madhusnuhi Rasayanam Ulcers
10 Agnivrana Tailam Helps to heal burn wounds
11 Chemparuthyadi Kera Tailam Good for itching
12 Dinesavalyadi Kuzhampu Restore color of skin
13 Eladi Kera Tailam For dry skin and itching
14 Eladi Tailam Restore color completion of skin
15 Pamanthaka Tailam Reduce itching
16 Vajraka Tailam Controls itching of skin
17 Kaisora Gulgulu Vatika Ulcerative skin diseases