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Baby care

Details of taking care of babies are special part of Ayurveda. It is commonly known as ‘BAL CHIKITSA’.

All kind of disorders are described in details in this part of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda helps to baby to improve digestion. The immunity of baby can be greatly help with herbs like brahmi. the herbs like lakasha helps to build the strength of bones and muscles of baby.

baby care for improving digestion- the spices like cumin, cardamom , cinnamon are used to improve the digestion of babies. Condition like flatulence, lactose intolerance, difficulties to pass urine and stools are well managed by using these spices.

Common cold is most affected disease due to weak immunity of child. Children can improve the immunity with help of ayurvedic herbs like dasamoola.

Gold and Aswagandha and brahmi are used to improve intelligence and brain function of baby.

Regular massage with oil helps baby to improve general health of babies.

No. Name of product In general usage
1 Balamritam General tonic that promotes growth
2 Kusmanda Rasayanam Tonic for increasing weight and strengthen lungs and heart
3 Carmikot Corrects digestion
4 Lakshadikera Tailam Oil for massage for increasing bone strength
5 Mahabala Tailam Oil for massage for increasing muscle strength
6 Mahamasha Tailam Oil for massage for increasing bone strength
7 Valiya Lakshadi Tailam Oil for massage for increasing bone and muscles strength
8 Agnikumararasam Gulika Corrects digestion
9 Gopeechandanadi Gulika For different types of allergic conditions of children
10 Krimighna Vatika To kill parasites and worms
11 Indukanthamritham Syrup Boost immune power
12 Marichadi Tailam Good for application in cough and sinusitis