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Kitchen tools and utensils

Different kinds of metal pots are used in ayurvedic cooking like gold, silver, copper or earthen.

Ayurveda recommends special bell metal vessels are used to prepare food. Different kind of earthen pots are other choice to cook the food or to store food.

Shape of vessels for preparation of food is another important aspect of ayurvedic kitchen. Any kind of food must be cooked and stored in round shape vessels.

To serve water and food

Food serve in sliver vessels are considered as the best method. Sliver metals are considered as best metals that removes toxins from food and purify food.

Water store in copper vessel is considered best for drinking. Water store in copper vessel is good for digestion and copper vessel water consider as easy to digest. It is very useful for those suffering from thyroid problems, problems with liver and gall stone.

Water store in earthen pot is good to reduce acidity and skin problems.

Water must be store in round shape vessel only. Water store in round vessels helpful in many cardiac disease like hypertension

Food must be cooked on slow fire. Fire generated with burning wood is considered best to cook any kind of food preparation.