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Ayurvedic meal planning

It is very important to take morning water in the morning. The first food or meal of your day is warm water. As soon as person gets up he can start the day with warm water. This water for pitta person is always body temperature (35 to 36 degrees), for vata and kapha it should be 38-40 degree but if there is weakness in digestion then it can be up to 45 degree.


It should be always before 8.30. Breakfast should not be missed. there should be some fruits for breakfast and tea coffee should be always taken after breakfast.


Lunch should be always before 1.30 PM. lunch should contain all kind of meat and vegetables. all kind of daiey products and food with pungent and sour taste should be for lunch. meat, lentils, rice, beans are used for lunch. all kind of sweets are used after lunch only.


Baked nuts and dry fruits are used for snacks. snacks must not be more than 100 grams


Dinner must be finished before 8.00 PM. all kind of leafy vegetables and soups are used for dinner. Vegetables oils are used for dinner.

Tea and beverages – should be taken after food.

Ayurvedic diet doesn’t restrict you with taking any kind of food bet gives you understanding about having them with correct portion and correcting timing to eat them.

You can ask very simple question to yourself and find if your choice for food correct or not.

  1. Dose food creates any discomforts for eyes when you look at it?
  2. Dose food has any disgusting smell?
  3. Does it have any has strange taste?
  4. Dose food creates any discomfort after eating?
  5. Do you feel have heaviness 1 hour after taking food?
  6. Do you lose conciseness after taking food?
  7. Dose it disturbed you sleep?
  8. Dose it creates any constipation or loose motion?

If your answer is NO for all of these questions then the food that you are consuming is good for you and helping you to keep the body energy balance.

Planning of Ayurveda meal also depends on various factors like age, season.

If you are child with age from 0-12 then you must have to eat according to natural urge of apatite that is according to feeling of hunger.

For age between 12 to 60

People must have to be discipline with time and can consume to satisfy their needs. The quantity of food is not restricted.

For age from 60 years and above

People must have to start cutting the quantity of food.


Winter and spring are season where food with more protein and fat can be consume more often, this can be every alternate day, bet with summer and autumn protein and fat reach food should be less and can be taken once in a two week.