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Dental care

Practicing kaval vidhi( holding of medicated oils or decoction in a mouth, as long as possible) and gandusha vidhi (medicated gargling) and dantadhavan(cleaning the tooth) are the procedure prescribed in ayurveda for better health of gum and teeth.

Procedure –

  • 15 ml of sesame or coconut oil is needed for a procedure. sometimes you can use other prescribed medicated oils for procedure like Arimedas thailam and Karpooradi thailam
  • Please hold the oil in mouth for 3-5 min OR still mouth become full with saliva.
  • Throw the contents out from mouth.
  • Please do not swallow contents.
  • After finishing the procedure clean mouth by using warm water (45-50 degree) around 100 ml.

Benefits –

Kaval vidhi and Gandhusha vidhi are methods is highly beneficial for gum and tooth care.

  1. It protects decay of tooth and also strengthens roots of tooth.
  2. Gum problems like gingivitis, cavities, teeth grinding, swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, periodontitis and thrush are greatly improved with help of ayurvedic herbs like clove, arimedasa, nimbi etc.
  3. Bad breath- ayurvedic herbs has cleaning action that helps to reduce bad breath.

Medicated herbs for brushing teeth- ayurveda recommend using herbal brushes from tree branches. soft branch of tree around 9 inch and with thickness of one’s little finger like neem, babool , Traiphala, pilu are used for the purpose of brushing teeth.

ayurveda product we recommend are

No. Name of product benefits
1 Dasanakanti Churnam This is herbal powder used to brush the teeth in the morning. One can do gum massage with same powder. It is used to cover all kind of teeth elements including gum problems mentioned above.
2 Valiya Arimedas Tailam This is special oil used for gum massage after brushing the teeth.
3 Karpuradi Tailam This oil is used especial in inflammation in gums like gingivitis or periodontitis
4 Pathadi Churnam powder is applied to stop bleeding gums