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Skin care

Skin is most important part of human body. Skin represents health of body and mind. Skin helps to keep balance between nature and inner environment of human body. Vata, pitta and kapha all these three energies can be balance with help of skin as organ. Structure of skin is under influence of kapha energy while functional part of skin can be well understood with help of pitta and vata energy. That means treatment done with help of skin are able to balance all three energies, this is very important to understand in order to give the high priority to skin care. Everyone who is highly health conscious and want to protect himself from disease must first look after skin care. This is why the first karma or procedure is Abhyangam. Abhyangam means the body first, that means the skin as a organ is first to restore the health.

Skin care in ayurveda is achieved with two main actions or procedures

  1. Bath
  2. Different type of skin application that included products use before bath and after bath .

Ayurvedic Bath-

Warm water with special herbs- there are different herbs mentioned in ayurveda that are used to prepared special water for bath. The herbs like triphala, musta, nalpamara, white sandal wood, rose oil, nimba, haridra, raktachandanam, kadhira, usheera are used to prepare special water for bath. for treatment of different kind of fungal infection this bath is highly useful

Milk bath- the best product that one can use for bathing is milk. this milk is prepared in very special way for bathing purpose. Different kinds of herbs are added to make this milk perfect for skin like sandal wood or rose petals or bala . People suffering from pitta imbalance diseases like hyper sensitive skin, pimples, acnes, can use this milk bath for protecting the skin from damages due to extra heat from sun, different kind of radiation will get benefits from milk bath.

Ayurvedic soap- milk fat mixed with turmeric powder best ayurvedic soap for cleaning the skin. Another formulation for cleaning body is course powder from moog beans. this powder is also used for cleaning the body as a soap. The powder from nimba, turmeric, triphala, special soil reach with mineral are also used for cleaning the body.

ayurvedic bath with dry powders- to clean this body dry powder is used. powder made with triphala, and varnya guna herbs are most famous for this purpose. Kolkulathadi churnam is widely used products for this action. this procedure in ayurvorgan eda is known as udvartanam. it helps to remove toxins accumulated in deep skin by stimulation of skin. it has peeling action and also removes the dead skin and improves the complextion of skin.

Products for body care before bath-

Skin is very sensitive organ. To protect the skin means to restore the function of skin. There are different kinds of herbal oils that one can use before bath as an application. This action is known as Abhyangam and has lot of benefits to restore health and balance life functions.

After bath products for skin care-

to protect the skin from cold of hard winter and dry heat of summer different kind of products are used. this protection helps to strengthen the skin and helps to fight against extreme conditions than can cause to start disease process in body.

No. name of product benefits
1 Eladi Churnam can be used as massage powder for cleaning of body
2 Satadhauta Ghritam (Lami Tube) an ointment for application on dry skin after the bath
3 Eladi Tailam an oil used to improve skin complexion
4 Eladi Kera Tailam an oil used to improve skin complexion, keep skin soft and with maintains moisture
5 Chemparuthyadi Kera Tailam Very good oil to bring down itching of body. good in conditions of jaundice and hepatitis
6 Jathyadi Kera Tailam good oil for application of cracked skin, ulceration and dressing of wounds
7 Thriphaladi Tailam good oil for massage in pitta personalities
8 Nalpamaradi Kera Tailam massage oil for kapha personalities
9 Pamanthaka Tailam oil for application after bath to keep the moisture. All kind of eczemas are treated with the application of this oil.
10 Valiya Lakshadi Tailam one of good oil used in a cellulites problem for massaging
11 Lakshadikera Tailam one of good oil used in a cellulites problem for massaging
12 Vajraka Tailam one of good oil used in a cellulites problem for massaging
13 Vranaropana Tailam Used treatment of skin scar.
14 Nimbaharidradi Churnam powder used in application of skin disorders like eczema
15 Nimbapatradi Churnam powder used in application of skin disorders like eczema
16 Thriphala Churnam powder used for cleaning body in treatment of udvartanam
17 Kolakulathadi Churnam powder used for cleaning body in treatment of udvartanam
18 Jivanthyadi Yamakam massage oils for cracked lips and feet and palms