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Body Care

Abhyangam or oil application with different kind of oils is done in order to care body. Different kinds of oils are used to maintain body. According to different needs of body and body conditions ayurveda has suggested oils. These oils are medicated and used for balancing the body and mind functions.

Ayurvedic body care in the perspective of cosmetics is focusing on different kind of procedure under the title of Panchakarma. All kind of panchakarma procedure helps to get body balance and rhythm in life.

Balancing imbalance energies like vata, pitta, and kapha greatly help to care body.

No. name of product benefits
1 Karpuradi Tailam improves blood circulation of skin, also refresh mind
2 Kshirabala Tailam Massage oil for pitta vata personalities. apply before bath, helps to maintain flexibility of body
3 Valiya Chandanadi Tailam Massage oil for pitta personalities. reduces acid from body,
4 Thriphaladi Tailam good oil for massage in pitta personalities
5 Dhanwantaram Tailam massage oils for kapha and vata personalities, helps to control neuromuscular
6 Valiya Narayana Tailam massage oil for hormonal balance for women
7 Pinda Tailam used in massages especially for joints
8 Balaswagandhadi Tailam massage oil to elevates moods. especially used in mild to chronic depression
9 Brahmee Tailam massage oil to elevates moods. especially used in mild to chronic depression
10 Mahamasha Tailam massage oil for increasing strength of muscles
11 Mahabala Tailam massage oil for giving strength of nerves and helps to calm mind
12 Cheriya Sahacharadi Tailam oil used for muscular spasm and stiffness of body
13 Kolakulathadi Churnam powder used for cleaning body in treatment of udvartanam
14 Nalpamaradi Tailam massage oil for kapha personalities
15 Panchavalkadi Tailam massage oil for keeping head skin healthy, prevents dandruff
16 Marichadi Tailam massage oil for face massage in sinusitis
17 Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam used for massage in muscle wasting conditions of body
18 Mahavajraka Tailam massage oil for condition like lipoma
19 Yuvatyadi Tailam Massage oil for women that help to develop breast. it helps in keeping shape and size of breast good.
20 Lakshadi Kuzhampu massage oil for condition like lipoma
21 Vachalasunadi Tailam Oil to improve the function of ears.